The following reviews are from real clients, in their own words.

“Kari Allen provides thorough and practical legal services. A dedicated professional who listens to her clients and responds clearly with legal advice. I have used Kari Allen for estate, probate and real estate transactions and highly recommend her legal services.”

– S. S.

“I have worked with Kari Allen over the years and found her to be professional, efficient and accommodating in explaining details, timelines and ensuring I fully understood the contracts we were working on. Both my real estate deals and family law issues were completed satisfactorily and with minimal stress. Kari was extremely conscious of keeping my time and my costs in check. I appreciated her candor and when I needed it, her advice to consider other options. All done in a friendly caring manner. I highly recommend Kari Allen’s legal services.”

– J. T.

“We have dealt with Kari for two different matters over the past several years. She drafted our wills for us, and dealt with the estate of my father. For both services, Kari was extremely professional and friendly. She took the time to explain all the documents/processes to us. She was flexible in terms of when she could meet with us, and was prompt with completing all the required legal documents. The estate of my father was complicated because of some personal circumstances. She looked into everything and made sure that everything was completed properly. Her work helped ensure that this difficult situation was dealt with quickly and easily which we appreciated.”

– M. D.

“I hired Kari to help me with a civil matter. She was knowledgeable and forthcoming with her advice. She kept my fees to a minimum by offering approach options and was always available to answer questions. She settled the matter professionally, and the outcome more than exceeded my expectations.”

– E. V.

“Kari Allen came highly recommended to us on the occasion of a house sale. We were so impressed with her expertise and professionalism, that we subsequently engaged her services for guidance and  preparation of our Wills. Throughout both transactions, we found her to be courteous, readily available, and responsive to all manner of questions. Furthermore, her fees are fair and reasonable. We could not have been happier with Ms. Allen’s handling of our needs from beginning to end, and have no reservations in recommending her for any matters in real estate and family law.”

– M. B.

“I was in a confusing and overwhelming family law situation. I realized that I couldn’t go to court and represent myself so I called Kari Allen. She understood my concerns and my intentions and she was able to put them into legal action. We went to court and I got what I wanted- my son. Thank you Kari.”

– J. L.

“I was going through a separation and nasty custody battle. Kari was polite, pleasant and showed much compassion towards my case. She is down to earth and is a people person. She was always there to answer any questions while going through all issues that arose during the proceedings in court. Needless to say, despite having to go through this, my main concern was for my child not to be involved in any of this as it affects the children more than anyone can imagine. The whole process took a while but Kari helped me resolve this quicker than normally expected and I have full custody. Current update is that my ex-husband and I are now friends and really it doesn’t matter who has custody as long as you can work together co-parenting for the child’s sake. I am very pleased with how Kari worked on my case and her approach with me overall. I have and will continue to refer people/friends to Kari. She is amazing and I wish I still was working with her.”

– C. F.

“I feel very grateful and fortunate to have had Kari Allen represent me with my separation and custody case.  Ms. Allen knows the ins and outs of Family court and was always able to anticipate the path. This helped me to remain calm and grounded during one of the most stressful times of my life.”

– A. D.

“I was a hopeless man when I walked into Kari Allen’s Office. We were both strangers to each other but I immediately sensed her positive vibes and I surrendered my fate into her hands. I hired Kari to help me out in an unusual spousal support case that had been ongoing for 2 years, after being dumped by my first lawyer who was frustrated by her lack of success despite all of the evidence. I was worried that I was going to lose everything because of a bogus marriage that lasted only six months. Kari became a beacon of hope to my family at a time when my options appeared exhausted and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nearly impossible. She was sympathetic but frank with me and she was able to defend me from unjust accusations and claims. Her empathetic character and professional demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about. Kari Allen is a very effective lawyer. She was responsive to my phone calls and emails and always available to answer my questions. My family and I are eternally grateful for her services.”

– S. A.

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