estate-planningWe can assist you with a variety of estate related services including:

  • Estate Administration
  • Probate Applications
  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills

Estate Administration and Probate

Have you been appointed as an executor/estate trustee in a loved one’s Last Will and Testament?

If your loved one died with real estate in their name alone or left other assets or bank accounts without naming joint owners or beneficiaries you will likely need to apply for probate.  The good news is that you can hire us to take care of much of the process for you. We can handle the process of applying for probate and as few or as many of the executor responsibilities as you wish.

Has a loved one died without a will?

There are default laws that dictate how your loved one’s estate must be handled. We can explain the process and handle all of the necessary steps for you.

Wills and Estate Planning

Estate planning is necessary in order to ensure that your estate is distributed in the most efficient manner possible, creating the least liability and exposure for your family and loved ones. Simple steps, such as creating a valid Last Will and Testament, ensuring that you name beneficiaries on insurance policies and RRSPs, holding accounts jointly with your spouse or children, and so on, can all help to ensure that your beneficiaries are not faced with undue hardship and hassle. We can prepare your Last Will and Testament and provide guidance on these matters.

Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Powers of attorney are very important documents which are unfortunately sometimes overlooked.

If you become incapacitated at any time, even temporarily, you may require someone else to step in for you in order to manage your financial affairs, or make important health care decisions for you.

Living wills (also known as “powers of attorney for health”) allow you to designate someone to make important health decisions for you if you are incapacitated. They also allow you to clearly indicate to your loved ones what you do and do not want when it comes to medical treatment.

Powers of attorney for property are also very important. They allow someone to step in and manage your financial affairs during any period when you are unable to do so. These can be invaluable in the event that there are financial matters which need to be attended to and you are unable to do so yourself.

Both documents are inexpensive to prepare and critically important.

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