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Separations and divorces are a reality of modern life. Many separations and divorces can be handled without going to court. Provided that you and your ex are both willing to negotiate in good faith, a well drafted separation agreement can help to resolve things and protect your legal rights without resorting to litigation.


In some cases, litigation is the only way to bring a matter to resolution. While adversarial in nature, litigation can be an effective tool in resolving a dispute where the parties are unable to do so on their own. A good lawyer can help you navigate the court system and achieve the best possible result in your case.


A properly drafted and up-to-date legal Will is extremely important. Without one, your estate may not be distributed as you intend and your loved ones may be faced with unecessary hassle and anguish. Your Will should be reviewed anually and updated to reflect any desired or required changes.


Whether you are selling your home, buying a new one, purchasing an income property, transferring title, or simply refinancing, the expertise and insight of a good lawyer is essential to ensuring a smooth transaction free from unexpected pitfalls and unpleasant surprises.

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